Since the birth of space hippies last year, many Nike silhouettes have adopted the name "crater", marking a shift to sustainable materials. Today, Air Jordan 1 Low joined them, just in time for the summer heat. Although the structure may be brand new, the palette is very familiar, especially for fans of "Shadow" and its recent "2.0" update. The entire suede covered, reminiscent of the gray dress is almost full, wrapped in a recycle net at the bottom. Cut marks and loose lines of many colors can be found throughout, mainly because of the gray background. Adjacent, Swoosh, pedals, and soles follow a similar treatment, although their residue forms a more viscous grated mosaic.

Sneakerheads2020 launched her eponymous brand in 2010, showcasing works from traditional sportswear and the designer's own Ghanaian descent. Today, in the next ten years, Prange will soon offer her own LeBron 18Low collaboration. This color scheme, called "higher education", is part of a larger celebration of the school team jacket, which is a staple food in the United States and is currently undergoing a rapid revival. More importantly, it expresses the creator's own enthusiasm for style, which is reflected in all aspects of upper-level design. Even in this plan, the couple imagined the spirit of the university. Combining yellow and red is likely to be an endorsement of the iconic Ivy League school. Elsewhere, whether on the heel or on the inside, there are some patches coming up, and their shovel heads are either simple bold letters or more aggressive tiger themes.

2020 Jordan Sneaker may involve many influences, and this may be the brand's most daunting model so far this year. Its design, although subverting the traditional purity, cleverly integrates the DNA of several predecessors. However, the only thing that seems to be a relatively new concept, is not one but two aviation units closely stacked together. Along the middle, the tool suddenly splits, connected to the solid-toned block forward, only due to the reclaimed foot of the abradable outsole. In the image above, the structure seems to borrow the general idea of ​​more mature icons, because the thick grid is layered with panels reminiscent of AirMax98 and AirMax270. However, all the familiarity is basically over, because the lace unit provides a Geely-inspired system, fixed with an additional rope, from the toe to the heel. An inner boot provides more safety and completes a pair of utility worthy of its weight. Sunglass2021 .