Nike Air Force 1 will usher in an important year in 2021. Latest Jordan 2020 will continue to introduce new styles and colors of classic sports shoes. This week, we will learn in advance about a shoe model inspired by the "trademark", which will be launched soon. Nike Air Force 1 has been the mainstay of the brand's lineup for the past few years, being loved for its classic appearance and changing color scheme. Looking at this year’s release calendar, Nike still has dozens of pairs of shoes to be launched in the next 6 months, each pair of shoes will adopt aa new design or color scheme, in addition, there are some limited edition themed shoes throughout. For example, the "trademark" inspired shoes we saw earlier this week. This new style starts with a white leather base upper, high heels with details about Nike logo printing and fenders along the side. The Swoosh is decorated with a mini-embroidered version along the front edge, while placement targets can be found along the top wing.

Nike specially launched a Kobe 6 Protro "EYBL" for this year's Newly Jordans league, with a gradient purple design, showing an extraordinary makeover style. As we have seen in the past, the Nike Kobe 6 Protro appeared in a special makeover to commemorate EYBL. The Nike Elite Youth Basketball League has officially entered its 11th year. The 36-team league is expected to restart in 2021 because it was cancelled last year due to COVID-19. The sport provides a gradient snakeskin upper, featuring purple, supplemented by a white Nike Swoosh logo and a black heel. The Kobe Protro logo highlights the violet mesh tongue, while the bottom is added with a black spotted midsole, which automatically exudes a galaxy-like feeling. Although the past versions of EYBL Kobe shoes have been released to the public, it is still unknown whether these shoes will become EYBL PE, but with the development of the relationship between Kobe and Nike, these shoes are likely to be on the shelves, at least within a second.

Nike's Air Force 1 Experimental has passed a stable release schedule, and now the outline of this New Sale Jordan product will be decorated with the theme of USPS. Although the experimental version of Nike Air Force 1 is very unconventional, to say the least, Nike has gained a considerable fan base. Now, the brand will abandon a shipping company dedicated to federal operations by the United States Postal Service. This is dressed in white, ghost, off-white slate, game royal, and has a white molded design that shows the entire Air Force 1 spelling. Then add slate blue to the tongue and insole to increase the sense of organicity, and it also appears on the rubber outsole. Nike USPS theme pattern is added to the heel to strengthen the meaning behind the design. In general, this is an Buy Aviators Ray-Ban Earglasses interesting new product that may be loved by many people.