Current students have their own special understanding of fashion. Not only did they dress very stylishly, they also added their own special point of view to the class clothing. So, when students spend so much time making clothes, how do you care for them? Did you know? Today, heat transfer printing machine will tell you.

   Students usually take their newly made clothes home and wash them immediately, but you know, they can't wash them right away because the patterns on the clothes are newly made, but the color retention is not very strong. Therefore, it usually takes 48 hours to wash clothes.

  The washing method of shift clothes is similar to that of daily T-shirts, but try to wash by hand. Try not to rub the surface of the thermal spray pattern hard when washing your hands. Generally, the surface of the pattern does not easily adhere to dirt. If it appears, you can gently brush it with a soft brush. Dark cotton T-shirts lose some of their color, so try to wash them with warm or cold water below 40 degrees. Do not use detergents containing bleach or soak for a long time. Try not to wash in the washing machine. If you use a washing machine, you need to turn it over.

  Acid substances will corrode cotton clothes, so if the acid substances stick to the clothes, the better way is to immediately treat them with clean water, so as not to wash them for a long time and cause difficulties. If the juice is difficult to remove, it can be cleaned with sand, acetic acid, etc. Then rinse with clean water. Alkaline substances will not damage cotton clothes, so clothes can be washed with weak alkaline detergents.

   Normally, after washing clothes, cotton-padded clothes will shrink, so do not rub the neckline too hard to avoid deformation of the neckline. Do not use the washing machine to dry after washing, but dry it in a cool place. When drying, the hanger should not be pushed in from the neckline, so pulling the neckline hard will easily make the neckline elastic in the center, thereby relaxing. The hanger should be pushed in from the loose hem so that it will not be deformed.

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