A hearty sleep is better than any skin care products, and the mattress is the exclusive medium for the perfect release of the magic of sleep, not the shackles that restrict our body and our dreams. Comfortable pillow, soft quilt, clean mattress, take off tired, just want to have a long dream.

Only by having a good sleep can you work, study and live better; and having a "hygienic, comfortable, beautiful and durable" quality mattress is the key to obtaining high-quality sleep. Nowadays, there are more and more types of mattresses available for us on the market, so how can we choose a good mattress for us? It is to pay attention to the characteristics of the mattress fabric, so that we can ensure that the mattress is suitable for us on the basis.

Today, the editor is here to lead everyone to know several fabrics about mattresses.

There are many kinds of mattress fabrics. The main ones on the market are knitted fabrics, water jet fabrics, jacquard fabrics, washed fabrics, Fuchun spinning, corduroy, denim, nylon spinning, paris, warp knitted fabrics, and flowers. Yao crepe and so on.

Analysis of the characteristics of mattress fabrics:

Water-jet cloth: This kind of fabric feels soft and full to the touch, and its shape retention and three-dimensional feel are very good.

Huayao crepe: It is the most appropriate to describe Huayao crepe as "high value". This kind of fabric is characterized by bright colors, stylish and beautiful, and it is not easy to fade, and has good gloss. It is also a production printing and dyeing process that adopts active and environmentally friendly processes.

Fuchunfang: This fabric is a spinning silk fabric. It feels soft to the touch, and its moisture absorption is very good.

Corduroy: This kind of fabric has plump, thick and warm, soft texture.

Washable cloth: The washed cloth is treated with a special process and has a slight wrinkle shape and a soft hand feeling.

Luxury knitted fabrics: rich texture, exquisite patterns, rich styles and colors.

Periss: Lightweight varieties, using wool top dyeing; the fabric has criss-cross and faint rain stripes.

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