Metal Composite Panel is a relatively common composite panel around us, so today we will talk about the electromagnetic continuous casting composite method of Metal Composite Panel.

The method of producing composite plates by electromagnetic continuous casting is still in the research stage. The basic principle is: two kinds of molten steel with different chemical compositions are injected into the mold at the same time through different immersion nozzles. Because the horizontal magnetic field is installed in the lower part of the mold, the Loren magnetic force acting on the steel stream passes through the horizontal magnetic field vertically. The mixing of the two molten sheets of steel is suppressed, and the horizontal magnetic field becomes a dividing line. The molten pool of the mold is divided into upper and lower parts by the action of the magnetic fluid force. Through the cooling effect of the mold, the molten steel in the upper molten pool solidifies into the outer layer of the composite billet, and the molten steel in the lower molten pool solidifies inside the outer shell to form the inner core of the billet.

The above is the electromagnetic continuous casting composite method of the Metal Composite Panel.