PVC is a white powder with an amorphous structure. The degree of branching is small, the relative density is about 1.4, the glass transition temperature is 77~90℃, and it starts to decompose at about 170℃. The stability to light and heat is poor, above 100℃ or after a long time. Sun exposure will decompose to produce hydrogen chloride, which will further autocatalyze the decomposition, causing discoloration, and the physical and mechanical properties will also decline rapidly. In practical applications, stabilizers must be added to improve the stability to heat and light.

The process of extruding PVC celuka board is an important process of transition from sheet to structure, which may affect the quality of the product, and many factors will affect it. East PVC rigid board manufacturers talked about the influencing factors of extruded PVC rigid board.

1. Molding temperature

1. The molding temperature of the PVC hard board is not fixed, it is determined according to the formula, the thickness of the board, etc., so that the material can be melted at the end of the feeding part to wrap the stem. 2. It should be avoided that the material is discharged through the exhaust part, resulting in material waste.

3. If the overall surface of the board appears yellowing, it may be because the extrusion temperature is too high or the stability is not high. Lowering the treatment temperature is a more appropriate treatment method. If there is no effective improvement, it is better to modify the formula and add stabilizers and smoothing agents appropriately. Modifications can be completed one by one, so that problems can be found and resolved quickly.

Second, the speed of extrusion

Generally speaking, the rotation speed of the screw determines the extrusion speed of the material. As the rotation speed of the screw increases, the extrusion volume increases and the extrusion speed increases. Under the same temperature conditions, the plasticization quality of the material will decrease. Therefore, a reasonable extrusion speed should be set to ensure product quality and improve economic benefits.

The process of extruding PVC rigid board is usually affected by the production environment. Of course, there are other factors. Therefore, in order to improve the forming quality of the plate, it is necessary to control the forming temperature, increase the extrusion speed and make the plate shiny, and strive to improve the quality of the product.

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