As noted above, there are different types of t-shirt transfer materials available. We now stock over 30 different cuttable heat transfer films hundreds of different colors and patterns. Obviously, a complete examination of all the varieties in the sprawling SignWarehouse…warehouse is beyond the scope of this post. To simplify the choices, let’s group them in the following categories: PU and PVC films, warm and cold peel, special fabrics, and special effects. The heat transfer foil suppliers would introduce in details.

PU vs. PVC. Polyurethane films are the desired medium for t-shirt transfer graphics. These PU products tend to be thinner and more stretchable so they feel like part of the garment. This soft “hand” is what makes them so perfect for apparel graphics. In addition to their softness and conformability, PU films are CPSIA or OekoTex Standard 100 compliant. They’re kid safe. Our CAD-cuttable polyurethane films include Logical Color WarmPEEL Universal, EnduraTex Resolve Plus, Style, Starlight, Chemica HotMark, HotMark Revolution, QuickFlex, Fashion, Galaxy, Siser Easy Weed, Easy Weed Extra, and more.

PVC T-shirt films are generally thicker and less expensive. Being thicker means they’re less flexible and don’t quite have as soft a hand as PU. And they’re not considered to be as safe for young children who may mouth the garment and its appliqué. So PVC films should only be used to decorate garments for adult wearers. Our economy CAD-cuttable PVC options include EnduraTex Resolve and Chemica FirstMark. Resolve costs about 30% less than comparable PU-based material which makes it a good solution for your customers with tight budgets.

Warm or Cold Peel: The amount of time needed for the adhesive to cure before the liner is removed can be an important factor in productivity. Most traditional heat press films need to cool to room temperature before the liner is removed. This allows the adhesive to fully bond to the fabric. If you’re applying multiple colors, especially in layers, this wait time can be frustrating. For these more complex designs, a warm peel product saves time. Our warm peel transfer films include Logical Color WarmPEEL Universal, Siser Easy Weed, Easy Weed Stretch, Chemica QuickFlex, and HotMark Revolution. HotMark and FirstMark, EnduraTex Resolve and Resolve Plus can be used in a warm peel process as well, but they need 5 – 10 seconds cooling time before removing the liner. So let’s call them w

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