Last year, Nike Air Max 90 celebrated its 30th anniversary, with Buy Jordan 2021 new colors and variants launched throughout the year. This week, Swoosh launched a new "linen" style premium version, which will be available in the summer of 2021. Nike’s Air Max 90 was officially launched last year on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the shoe, and was rebuilt from the ground up to imitate the original as much as possible. After releasing all the original color schemes and exciting new changes and collaborations, Nike still prepared some new things for AM90 in 2021, and launched a new set of materials and structures that will belong to the premium category of the brand ( Referred to as PRM). This week, Nike has launched some "basic" style color schemes, adding another style to this growing family. This time, Nike will use light "linen" tones for AM90, mixed on canvas and suede uppers. Various shades of light brown and brown were added, and some pure shades of gray were added.

The new balance 990 is… inevitable. Earlier this week, the brand's Latest Jordan 2020 new creative director of American manufacturing, Teddy Santis, introduced us for the first time about the 990v6, the next new product in the 99x series, which will be launched in 2022. New Balance's original 990 first became popular on the streets in 1982, and soon became one of the brand's top running shoes, and grew into a huge model series, all models belong to the "99x" label. In the past ten years, the popularity of the 990 series has risen sharply, which in turn has led to the addition of three new models to the family in the past 10 years alone, 990v3, v4 and v5. The most recent one is in 2019. Now, the Boston running brand is working hard to build the next entry model 990v6. Previewed by Teddy Santis, the founder and leader of Leon Dore, and most recently as the creative director of NB, 990v6 is built on everything we love, while modernizing the design to make it look more stylish . As always, the v6 is composed of a series of mesh cloth and suede layers, many of the shapes and curves are taken from previous models. The most significant change in v6 is the new streamlined midsole and a more relaxed, less forward-leaning shape. When Teddy Santis showed the classic NB gray, another picture of 990v6 appeared on the Internet, showing navy blue shoes. You can check these two colors below.

Nike Air Tuned Max has begun to return triumphantly, re-launched Newly Jordans this year as a retro model for the first time since 1999. As a much-loved product in the Air Max series, Nike is about to launch a new color-matched Air Tuned Max, such as the "Aquamarine" appearance. When Nike Air Tuned Max was first launched in 1999, it was the pinnacle of the brand's various air technologies combined with other important operating performance. The structure of mixed materials, including mesh cloth, synthetic leather and plastic TPU ferrule, is one of the most comfortable but best-performing running shoes of this era. In the past 22 years, it is not only because of these characteristics, but also because of its elusive characteristics. , Became a legend in Nike's head. Although it is one of Swoosh's most popular Air Max, it has been kept in the brand archives for more than 20 years. However, we are extremely pleased with the return of this outstanding silhouette, which will surface in the coming year with a new "Aquamarine" color scheme. The new appearance mixes a white mesh bottom with a black plastic Buy Aviators Ray-Ban Earglasses cage and glittering aquamarine blue cover, all mounted on top of a neutral gray midsole to complete the appearance.