What are the advantages of the rapid development of light steel villas?

1. energy saving and environmental protection

The energy saving and environmental protection of light steel villas is different from traditional house construction. The construction of light steel villas is dry work and does not require water, which greatly reduces the consumption of water resources. There is no pollution and noise during the construction process. The most important thing is light steel. The structure system can be recycled, which greatly reduces the consumption of resources.

2. High degree of prefabrication, building a house like a car

All building materials of light steel villas are prefabricated or pre-assembled in the factory in advance, and then directly pulled to the site for modular assembly. Therefore, compared with the traditional way of building houses, the time required for light steel villas to be built is Almost shortened by more than half, greatly saving time and labor costs.

3. living comfortably

In the construction process of light steel villas, due to the use of many other materials such as heat preservation, moisture removal, fire protection, sound insulation, etc., it can make our living more comfortable, and the pipelines of light steel houses are built in, and will be used later. It is also very convenient, and the plasticity of the light steel structure makes the shape of the house complex and diverse.

4. mature nodes and complete supporting facilities

After years of practice and technology introduction, the steel structure has a complete and mature technology and can provide a comprehensive supply of supporting facilities.

5. safe and durable

During the construction of light steel houses, a large number of fireproof materials are used, and the walls and roof truss structures of light steel houses and the internal and external wall panels form a solid "slab rib structure". In addition, the structural components of light steel houses are all made of heat. Dip galvanized steel sheet has strong anti-corrosion ability, and the service life of the house can reach 100 years.

6. light weight, less materials

The so-called light steel, as the name suggests, is mainly light, and the same volume of buildings. The use of light steel is three-quarter lighter than the traditional brick-concrete construction, so the damage to the foundation is very small.

From the perspective of these six characteristics, light steel villas and traditional brick-concrete houses have great characteristics and advantages, and they have better effects in construction and living, and they are more worthy of people choosing to build now.

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