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Homeowners and business owners alike will have the need for a high quality fence installation at some point. Fences can create boundaries, increase safety and security and provide visual appeal. Although most fencing projects are relatively straightforward, that is not always the case. Choosing a top of the line fencing contractor in Canberra is essential. At JPK Fencing, we understand the unique needs of those that need a new fence for their home or business. With 20 years of experience and knowledge of many materials, JPK is capable of helping with any Canberra fencing project.

Licensed and Experienced Canberra Fencing

As with any construction or landscaping specialist, licensing and experience will play a role. Chances are, if you are putting a fence in at your property, you have a problem that needs a solution. Not all fencing projects are going to go according to the book. It’s essential to have a contractor that thinks outside the box to create solutions. At JPK Fencing Canberra, we have all the necessary licensing to complete your fencing project. Whether you are protecting a pool or putting in a gate to keep your kids and pets safe, JPK Fencing has the necessary equipment and knowledge to get it done.

Over 20 Years In The Industry

As with most companies, one of the easiest ways to determine success is the number of years a business has been able to thrive. At JPK Fencing, we have over 20 years in the Canberra fencing industry. We know the area quite well and can help keep your property up to date with some of the latest and greatest fencing options on the market. If you are looking for Colorbond Fencing, Chain Wire Fencing, or even Pool Fencing JPK can help. In addition, 20 years in the industry have taught us how to manage any problems that could come up. If there is an issue digging, or a custom gate that needs building, that won’t be an issue.

Types of Canberra Fencing

Commercial and residential business owners in Canberra are in luck with the number of fencing choices out there. Choosing the correct product and fencing type is a big part of this decision. Our specialists can help guide you into selecting the materials and style that works for your needs. In addition, it is essential to keep the budget in mind. Not all fencing is expensive; there are practical solutions in the Canberra area.

Tubular Fencing

Tubular fencing is a very popular choice for residential and commercial properties in Canberra. The galvanised steel fence can come either in a round or a square tube. Although most tubular fencing is a relatively plain and straightforward style, there are additional features that can be added. One of the best things about tubular fencing is that it is corrosion resistant. With Canberra weather and climate, this is undoubtedly a benefit.

Custom Canberra Gates

One common issue that fencing contractors will run into is having to special order in gates and fence sections. Luckily at JPK Fencing, we have the ability to create custom gates and fencing solutions. Having our own shop will get you solutions quite a bit faster and at a better price. Fencing gates are the most critical part of the project. Entrance and exit from the property need to be both convenient and secure.

Pool Fencing

With pool fencing, the most important considerations are safety. If your pool is built and it does not have a fence around it, chances are you will not be in compliance. At JPK Fencing, we understand all of the latest requirements for pool compliance. The Canberra authorities take pool fencing and safety seriously. Your Canberra pool fence will be built to the latest codes and will have strength and durability.


Timber Fencing

If one of your most prominent reasons for installing a fence is aesthetics, then timber fencing is a perfect choice. Timber fencing is environmentally friendly, looks great and tends to be economical. Keep this option in mind if you want something traditional and moderately priced.


Colorbond Fencing Canberra

Colorbond fencing is a premium steel material available in fourteen colours. Not all Canberra fencing contractors are going to carry or install Colorbond fencing. At JPK Fencing, we have years of experience with Canberra Colorbond fencing solutions. If you have a modern and clean look at your home or business, you will want to look into this option. We love working with Colorbond; the customers are always very satisfied with the end result.


Chain Wire Fencing

At JPK Fencing, we specialise in chain wire fencing. If you have seen a chain wire fence in Canberra, chances are it could have been installed by JPK Fencing. Industrial and commercial businesses need chain wire fencing to keep their properties secure. The chain wire fencing projects go up quickly and tend to be an economical choice.


Customer Service Is A Priority

Fencing projects require great communication between the contractor and the customer. At JPK Fencing, our priority is to make sure you understand the scope of the project, the decisions you must make and the expectations for fence completion. As customers of JPK Fencing, you will always be able to reach us with any issues or concerns. Luckily with 20 years in the business, we know what you will need from us. Our goal at the end of the project is to have you tell your Canberra neighbour that they would want to use JPK Fencing. There’s a reason why JPK Fencing consistently receives 5 star reviews on Google, view our 5 star Google reviews here.


Solutions For Residential & Commercial

At JPK Fencing, we can handle both residential and commercial sized fencing projects. We have the equipment and staffing to complete any job. If you have been searching for Canberra fencing and are having difficulty finding the very best give JPK a try. We will quickly respond to your request and provide you with many examples of what your home or workplace could look like. Don’t hesitate to reach out to JPK Fencing for all of your Canberra fencing needs.

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