1. Routine maintenance: Use a clean 90% dry mop to clean the pvc furniture board, and clean locally if the pollution is serious;
    2. Monthly maintenance: waxing treatment of damaged surface of local foundation. In particular, the homogeneous PVC board is generally waxed and maintained once a month;
    3. Pollution treatment: the stained ink, food, greasy, etc. on the PVC board should be wiped off, and the traces should be scrubbed with a diluted detergent. If the remaining black leather shoe prints are difficult to remove, you can use a veil and loose perfume to scrub. Pour the pine perfume on the PVC board to clean it, and after scrubbing, it must be waxed for maintenance;
    4. Matters needing attention: You can not use cleaning balls, knives to clean the PVC board, and the dirt that can not be cleaned by conventional methods. Consult relevant people. Do not use acetone, toluene, and other chemicals indiscriminately;
    5. Chemical protection: avoid a large amount of water staying on the surface of the PVC board for a long time. If the water soaks the floor for a long time, it may penetrate under the PVC board to melt the PVC board and lose its adhesion, and it may also cause the protection of the surface of the PVC board. Delamination causes the pollution of the PVC board, and the sewage may penetrate into the PVC board and cause the PVC board to change color;
    6. Sun protection: Avoid direct exposure to strong light, and make the PVC board irradiate ultraviolet rays to prevent the PVC board from discoloration and fading.

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