Prepared all of GREEN TEA 9371 set (Tea leaves, Tea pot and cup, sharepot, tea filter etc);
Boiling water till it 90°c aside and wait(Remember: Don’t use boiling hot water);
First round: warm your teapot and tea cup with boiling water and pour it away;
Take about 5 grams tea leaves in tea pot or Gaiwan(Tea bowl) ;
Filled boiling water and steeping less than 30 sec filter out for warming tea;
Second filling in boiling water about 15sec filtering out in sharepot;
Take the sharepot to pouring each teacup;
Taste the tea and after again pour tea process but the steeping tea time longer 20~25 sec than last one.
Actually, English had found China indeed can making good quality teas but its drink method too complex process. Untill Lipton in 18 century whom were first made Tea Bag and had it popular cross the world even untill now. Butwhen you had trying tea bag and original teapot or tea bowl method that will found, wow never had that exquist flavor and taste tea before in tea bag.

That’s the magic existed and know why still many people exploring orignal way to drink tea.

But that is the ordinary brew method to drink the important and correctly according its tea’s charater to brewing.

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