China Solar Garden Light Manufacturers introduce what are the 4 major components of garden lights?

  1. The light source is an important part of all lighting products. According to different illuminance requirements, different brands and different types of light sources can be selected. Commonly used light sources are incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, ceramic metal halide lamps Lamps, and a new type of LED light source.
  2. Lamps with more than 80% reflectors, light-transmissive covers with a light transmittance of more than 90%, higher IP levels to prevent the penetration of mosquitoes and rainwater, and reasonable light distribution lampshades and internal structures to prevent glare from affecting pedestrians and The safety of the vehicle. , Cutting wire 2, welding lamp beads 3, making lamp board 4, measuring lamp board 5, coating thermal grease 6, fixing lamp board 7, welding wire 8, fixing reflector 9, installing glass cover 10, installing plug 11, Connect the power cord 12, test, aging 13, inspection, labeling 14, packing and warehousing.
  3. The main materials of garden light poles are: equal-diameter steel pipes, heterosexual steel pipes, equal-diameter aluminum pipes, cast aluminum poles, and aluminum alloy poles. Commonly used diameters are Φ60, Φ76, Φ89, Φ100, Φ114, Φ140, Φ165. According to the height and the place used, the selected material thickness is divided into wall thickness 2.5, wall thickness 3.0, wall thickness 3.5. (The above are regular sizes).
  4. The flange plate is an important component for the garden light pole and the ground installation.Garden light installation method: Before installing the garden light, it is necessary to weld the base cage with M16 or M20 (common specifications) screws according to the standard flange size provided by the manufacturer. Then, at the installation site, dig a hole of appropriate size and place the base cage Place it in it, after the level is corrected, use cement concrete to pour to fix the foundation cage, 3-7 days later the cement concrete is fully solidified, and the courtyard lamp can be installed.

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