Many mobile homes do not pay attention to maintenance during the use process, resulting in premature embroidering of light steel components, old walls, and serious pollution. The activity room can be used for 5 years under normal circumstances.

If you pay attention to maintenance during use, after 5 years, the damage to the materials of the mobile house will not be great.

1. First of all, we must choose the correct movable villa room.

Choosing the right mobile house starts with the communication with the mobile house manufacturer. Tell the manufacturer of the mobile house in detail about your requirements, the specifications of the mobile house you want to make, draw up drawings, and select materials. In this step, the material specifications are very important and determine the wind and earthquake resistance of the mobile house in the future. At the same time, you have to fully understand the natural environment, understand the geological conditions, understand the surrounding environment, and understand the local climate. It is very important to check the site. In addition to measuring the size of the site, it is more important to understand the natural environment, formulate the foundation plan of the mobile house, and determine whether the roof, skeleton, and walls of the mobile house need to be strengthened or reinforced. This directly affects the quality of future use of mobile homes, which cannot be compensated in the future.

2. After the installation of the mobile villa is complete, the user shall not change the structure of the villa without authorization, and shall not remove any bolt components. The skeleton of the board house is a whole, and once there is a problem with the whole part, a knock-on effect will occur. If you want to add or reduce the partition wall, you should first contact the villa manufacturer to obtain their opinions and board room information, and then contact the manufacturer by yourself. The movable villa house is connected to the whole building with light steel structure. When the user arranges the circuit, the wires and cables cannot be directly tied to the steel structure of the board house. Conduit or trunking should be installed in isolation to avoid electric shock.

3. Emergency handling. Before the rainstorm, the drainage treatment work around the mobile house should be done well. If too much rainwater penetrates into the board room and the bottom of the wall, this will definitely affect the life of the mobile house. Before a huge typhoon comes, you should contact the manufacturer of the mobile villas to reinforce the roof and tie wind ropes or other effective fixed objects around the slab houses.

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