no limit on the length of products you want to print: The heat transfer component of the plastic bucket heat transfer machine is a round drum (not a flat aluminum plate). The drum keeps turning, it can print soft materials, it has no limit on the length of the product to be printed, and the width can be 3.5 meters wide. At present, the maximum width of drum printing produced in China is 3.6 meters.

More uniform heating:Generally speaking, the temperature of the roller heat press machine that heated by oil temperature is more uniform than that of the roller heat press machine heated by electric heating. The inside of the drum is heat-conducting oil, the heat conduction oil is free to conduct heat energy, and the temperature of each point on the surface of the oil drum is uniform, so that the fabric has no cold spots, or blurred color/lighted color or darked color after printing.

More efficient: compared with the normal flat plate heat press machine, the rotary heat press machine is more efficient. Drum machines are generally equipped with worktables, operators can prepare fabric roll and paper roll in advance, and fabric and paper keep entering and coming out of the drum machine, and the whole transfer process is continuous. There is no need to pause the machine to place the cloth and paper, and there is no need to pause the machine to collect the printed fabric manually.

LESS labor cost: when the machine is printed roll to roll fabric, the fabric, transfer paper, and protective paper can automatically feed into/roll into the machine, and the fabric and paper after printing can also be automatically collected by collecting devices. The machine works automatically, the whole printing process requires only one or two workers to operate the machine; When the machine is printing piece-to-piece material, the sublimation paper is rolled into the machine automatically, the worker only need to put in cut piece carpets, sports wears, there is no need to pause the machine to collect the fabric and paper after printing, which can save labor costs.

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