Some devices are fully automatic and do not require manual labor. Others need one person per row or two rows to set up the seedlings. Each type and model also has different capacity and adjustment limits.

On-site access adjustability
You must also consider the required adjustability to ensure that the machine you purchase from your local Vegetable Planter supply service can meet these needs. Your machine must be adjustable to space the seedlings far enough for optimal growth, and it must also be adjusted to accommodate other machines used during the growing season.

Your field must be planted so that fertilization and pesticide spreading equipment and harvesting equipment will not destroy the plants by driving past them.

Another consideration is your budget for purchasing seed setting equipment from your local transplanter service. This should be weighed with how many workers there are and your planting window.

Small operations with lower budgets and fewer employees may have more time to use smaller, cheaper machines for more passes, while large operations may not. You must calculate cost-effectiveness based on time, labor, and equipment costs; assumed output; and your goals for the next few years.

Proper equipment purchased from the rice transplanter supply service can greatly increase your seasonal productivity and crop yield. For this reason, be sure to carefully consider your needs and discuss the many available equipment options with your local transplanter supply company. The experienced transplanter service can help you choose the Manual Seeder that can provide the most profit within your budget!