WOW Classic players can now log in to a new Burning Crusade realm called Badge of Justice, which has been created specifically for them.

In this new realm, you can create 70-level characters who have learned Flying, have dungeon blue gear, and have a variety of weapons and trinkets available to them. This new realm is most likely connected to the upcoming raid test, which was announced by Blizzard just a few days ago.

Blizzard's WOW has been running for 17 years. Many rare items have been sought after by fans over the course of this period. Some are one-time-use items for events that took place a few years ago, while others are weapons with a low drop rate. The Pendulum of Doom is one of the titles included in this list. This item was recently acquired by a buy gold WOW classic player after four years of arduous labor. This is fantastic news.

The player stated that he initially began his journey with the retail version of the game before making his way to WOW Classic and then back again. He began his quest to see if he could obtain all seven of the rare items from the Uldaman dungeon. They are as follows:

After 2000 runs on the retail version and 292 runs on the WOW Classic, he is able to resolve his problems with the help of the Pendulum of Doom and a Papal Fez. However, he has yet to be successful in obtaining the Jackhammer, Digmaster 5000, or Spaulders of a Lost Age, and so he will continue his search. He now intends to run an additional eight runs in order to reach 300.

Pendulum of Doom is now available for purchase in the WOW Classic shop. The pendulum of Doom is a two-handed axe, which can be wielded in either hand. If you use it to hit someone in the head, it has the potential to cause 250-350 fatal injuries. Of course, if you have the luxury of time, obtaining it through hard work will bring you greater happiness.

Now that the player has obtained the item, he has stated that he intends to create a Level 39 Shaman for buy WOW classic gold Burning Crusade campaign. The beta testing for Burning Crusade is currently underway, and the game is expected to be released later this year. At that time, MMWOTS will also provide relevant news and specific details as soon as they become available.

According to Blizzard, raid tests will be carried out in Karazhan, Gruul, and Magtheridon until Friday morning. You will be able to purchase consumables as well as any profession you desire from the vendors in Shattrath based on the current itemization options.

Despite the fact that this realm is currently unavailable, it is possible that it will be available as soon as Karazhan's raid test window opens. Blizzard may consider adding raids to Sunwell, Tempest Keep, and Black Temple in the future if these raid tests are deemed successful.

If all of the raid tests are successful, we could see the release of the WOW classic gold Burning Crusade servers as early as the third quarter of this year. However, because Blizzard has not yet announced an official release date, all of this is just speculation on our part.

Blizzard has made the right decision. As a game with a large fan base, WOW Classic must take into account the needs of as many different fans as possible, which is why this strategy has been implemented.

If any new information about the Burning Crusade becomes available later, MMOWTS will notify you as soon as it becomes available, provided that you have subscribed to MMOWTS so that you are the first to know when the information becomes available.