Thermal transfer processing of plastic bucket heat transfer machine is a special printing method, and thermal transfer equipment is a machine that uses thermal transfer processing to perform transfer printing. Thermal transfer processing includes transfer film printing and transfer processing.

Thermal printing film printing is to print with dots, and then print the pattern on the surface of the film in advance. In this way, the printed pattern is rich in layers, ever-changing, small in color difference, and good in reproducibility. It can meet customer requirements and can be mass produced. .

The transfer process is a thermal transfer equipment that transfers the pattern on the transfer film to the surface of other products at one time. After the molding, the ink is fused on the product surface, and the pattern becomes more realistic.

Thermal transfer equipment can transfer patterns on cups, metals, glass, etc., and can also transfer on cotton cloth, leather, etc. Transferring patterns on these materials will not damage the materials. It can transfer many kinds of patterns, without the need for plate making, printing, and repetitive color registration. All you need is a computer and a printer. In this way, material resources and manpower are reduced a lot. Because the thermal transfer equipment is combined with a high-tech computer, it can accurately align the printing area and position, and avoid errors caused by personnel operations.

We use cups for drinking water every day, and the cups have many beautiful patterns on their appearance. What kind of machinery is used to print these patterns? this

For the printing patterns of this kind of cone products, heat transfer equipment is required. The heat transfer equipment is used for heat transfer and hot stamping of irregular products at one time. In fact, not only the patterns on the cups are transferred by heat transfer equipment, but also the outer packaging of slippers, cosmetics, plastic toys, electronic products, food, medicines, etc. are transferred by heat transfer equipment.

The heat transfer process of the heat transfer equipment is to transfer the pattern to the cup through the pre-printed heat transfer film, and then heat and pressurize the heat transfer head. The thermal transfer technology of thermal transfer equipment has high production efficiency and significant economic benefits, so that the product pattern transferred from the transfer will be very beautiful. This is a good printing machine developed in recent years in the surface printing processing industry.

Printing Technology has developed a heat transfer equipment specially designed for cone products such as cups and pen holders. The taper can be adjusted. This is an improvement on the conical heat transfer. This thermal transfer equipment has good transfer effect, low energy consumption and simple operation.

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