• Placing China Led Floodlight on the exterior corners of your home allows you to light a large area with one fixture. Good security lighting would include a floodlight on each exterior corner of your home.
  • Additional floodlights can be placed at remaining dark spots along the exterior walls of the house. Placement under your roof’s overhang or in the eaves of the house keeps the fixture out of contact with direct rain and will extend the life of the fixture.
  • Placement of simple floodlight fixtures in trees or on posts in your garden will extend the lighting available from the house and cover a much larger section of your property. In addition to being good for security, this can also serve to improve the night-time usability of exterior areas.
  • Be sure to include an on/off light switch for each floodlight, which should be positioned at the front or rear exit of your home, or in your bedroom.

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