Yarn dyed fabric is made by dyeing yarn and then weaving it into the fabric. This dyeing method is also called "dyed fabric" abroad. Yarn-dyed fabrics can be divided into two types: full dyeing and semi-dyeing. Both knitting machines and shuttle looms can weave. Compared with ordinary printing and dyeing fabrics, yarn-dyed fabrics will have richer colors and three-dimensional effects. In the past few years, it is also a popular fabric. Let us learn the advantages and disadvantages of yarn-dyed fabrics.

Advantages of yarn dyed fabric:

This method of dyeing and then weaving can make the dye and yarn better blend together so that the fabric has better colorfastness, and if the washed clothes are washed and worn normally, they will not fade. Moreover, it will have better colors and three-dimensional effects. Due to the above advantages, yarn-dyed fabrics have a good market prospect.

Disadvantages of yarn dyed fabric:

Due to dyeing and other processing procedures, yarn-dyed fabrics require a lot of time and labor costs, so yarn-dyed fabrics are much more expensive than ordinary printing and dyeing, and their proportion in the current apparel fabric field is still relatively low.

The price of yarn dyed fabric:

The price of yarn-dyed fabrics mainly depends on the composition of the fabric. The price of yarn dyed cotton fabrics is usually higher than that of chemical fiber fabrics.

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