Halesi tour in short can be cited as a pilgrimage tour. It is 325 kilometers away from Kathmandu. One can move past the routes of Dhulikhel, Nepalthok, Khurkhot all the way to Okhaldhunga, Jayaram and reachHalesi. This tour brings you to Khotang village. The Halesi Mahadev cave is only 26 kilometers west of the district headquarters of Diktel bazaar. The overall temperature of Halesi is cooler and the environment is found to be peaceful.

This area is popular due to the Halesi Mahadev cave. Inside the cave, is the two feet structure of Shiva ling. The two pillars before the Shiva ling makes a narrow pass. The myth was that sinners couldn’t pass through this passage. Only, those people who confessed their sin and took refuge under Lord Shiva had the access to pass by the pillar flanks.

Religious beliefs

You will go to see the Basaha cave nearby. It has a divine image of Shiva, Bhagwati, Bishnu, and Ganesh. These are the supreme deities that have many Hindu devotees. Devotees worship and seek the divine blessings to do well in life. Two rivers, Dudhkoshi on the right side and Sunkoshi on the left side run across the Haleshi Mahadev temple. For Buddhists, it is also a significant spot for pilgrimage.

Legendary belief told that Mandarava and Padmasambhava attained their Vidhyadhara for a long life inside the Halesi Mahadev cave. Hindus gather on the occasion of holidays during Ram Navami, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Bhasmasur. Halesi tour is also known as Maratika tour. The best seasons for this tour are September to November, March till May. Monsoon (July to August) is rainy and winter is cold. 

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