I'm going to give you a set of instructions to prepare a perfect cup of tea that everyone enjoys taking its taste perfectly. For this purpose, you need to follow this procedure. 

      "First, prepare a teabag, sugar, milk, tea-pot, and water as required. Then boil a cup of water perfectly. Now get your tea ready to keep it in the cup. After that, pour the boiling water over the teabag and stir it gently as required. Now, wait for a few minutes in order to let the taste and color of the tea mix with the boiled water. Then remove the teabag from the cup gently and keep it somewhere safe. After that add some milk and sugar in order to make the tea tasty as you prefer. At last, drink the tea slowly letting your tastebuds of the tongue assimilate with the flavor of the tea you have prepared perfectly. 


          This tea is the set of instructions required to prepare a nice cup of tea. But in order to prepare a heavy amount of tea, you need to follow a similar procedure to increase the number of ingredients as required.