There are many rounds involved in an ICO process, but the time it takes to provide funding for a project is relatively short when compared to traditional modes of fund generation, which are viewed as its USP.


One of the major advantages associated with ICO development company is its unregulated status which gives the upper hand over the traditional funding techniques.


Companies that create ICOs use Blockchain technology to develop their tokens and use it as a medium to execute crowdfunding.

What is ICO, and how has it evolved?


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is similar to that of Initial Public Offering (IPO). However, the only difference is that in the IPO, equity stakes are sold to investors, but in the ICO, tokens (digital assets) are issued to investors.


ICO offers several advantages to traditional funding methods. Firstly, it is much easier and faster to conduct than IPOs as they are not strictly regulated. Secondly, funds raised through ICOs are non-dilutive, which means the founders do not have any need to give ownership stake of their company.


Finally, ICO can generate a substantial hype to create curiosity among investors to discuss new business opportunities.


These three factors have led to the evolution of ICOs and their dominance in the funding markets.

Why is ICO the future?


After looking at the benefits that ICO development services offers, there is no doubt that it will have remarkable impacts in the future.


It is essential to consider the process involved in addition to the advantages it delivers.


However, given here are some of the key factors that prove the above point.

Execution made easy


ICOs are simple and have low fundraising benchmark standards attracting more funds easily.




Unlike traditional VC funding, entrepreneurs can attract investors across the globe through ICOs.




Most of the ICO development services campaigns go for thirty days, and it might differ in some cases. The time frame to generate funds is relatively short when compared to that of VC funding.


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