Before moving onto the marketing strategies, knowing how an ICO works is essential.


An Entrepreneur can generate funding for their project through crowdfunding, angel investors, venture capitalists, bank loans, and small business administration loans.

The pros and cons of these mediums are unique, yet ICOs act as a quick way to attract funding for the startups.


What is ICO Marketing?


Promoting an ICO is known as ICO marketing. It is carried on behalf of the cryptocurrency company hosting the ICO development services to expand its reach to more potential investors and generate more leads for the sale event.


Why is ICO Marketing strategy needed?


A successful ICO will always require a compelling product, a well-trained workforce, and a well-executed marketing campaign.


After seeing all this, let us now see how one can promote an ICO. There are many ways to do that, but below are some primary marketing strategies that one can adopt.


Key ICO Marketing strategies


Website Building and Promotion 


A good website is a base that enables visitors to get as much information as possible in the shortest time possible. Information should be easily accessible as it taps quality traffic. 

Social Media Campaign


For ICOs & ICO development services, direct communication and demonstration will significantly influence the crypto industry.


Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and even YouTube, can deliver your goals and progress at any time in today's world. Many ICOs are also using Slack and Telegram to communicate with one another. All of these sites are essential for ICO marketing. 

Public Relations &  Media Outreach


After base creation, it's best to go with a PR and Media approach. There are a  slew of publications and media outlets dedicated to crypto and exchanges. It will assist in reaching out to potential audiences that are interested in investing in an ICO.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is considered as a core strategy. All of the paid advertising and social media presence is creating a community, and the email marketing will assist in sending targeted messages to the right customers. Emails are also regarded as reliable communication channels.  

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