With the global launch of Burning Crusade Classic, World of Warcraft players experience the wonderful scenery that this game brings to them, and face the challenges of various powerful enemies.
The core of World of Warcraft is this unparalleled sense of shared experience. I look forward to seeing WOW TBC Classic Gold players and their old and new friends start various new adventures together when they return to Outland.

The heroes of the Horde and Alliance, along with their new draenei and blood elven allies, set off to the fel-scarred alien world of Draenor. They will fight with the demonic Burning Legion threatening the world of Azeroth. Fight. This is the game content that players are experiencing in the "Burning Crusade Classic". In order to prevent this invasion from the source, the warriors of Azeroth went to the TBC Classic Gold fungus forest to find their new allies, and went deep into the broken Outland to challenge Illidan, the mighty betrayer.

In "The Burning Crusade Classic", players can participate in the arena and reap the collective pleasure and honor of defeating the final leader Karazhan. I am looking forward to seeing players and old and new friends return to Outland to participate in new adventures.

At the same time, like the game content experienced in the classic version of World of Warcraft, in the classic version of Burning Crusade, the content and functions of the original 2007 version are also allowed to be accessed. During this period, players can explore the broken outer realm, fight against various dark forces, and fight for the tribe or alliance as blood elves or draenei. You can also summon trusted allies to join the competitive battle and show your PVP power.

Finally, players who hope to play the same role in the classic service and the burning expedition classic can also choose the role cloning service to enrich their own gaming experience.
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