High-pole lights can be seen everywhere on the docks of large and small squares. When people pay attention to high-pole lights, they usually pay attention to the part of the light, but don't care about the light poles very much. In fact, light poles are also very important, and they are an important part of high-pole light manufacturers. Then, Wholesale Solar Garden Lights Manufacturers introduces the selection requirements for the poles of high pole lights:

1. Requirements for the height of the light pole
Generally speaking, we need to make height requirements for light poles. You know, we should choose different lamp poles in different environments. For example, on the roadside, we generally choose light poles with a certain height, but
when we arrive at scenic spots, of course, most of the scenic spots use solar high pole lights because they are more suitable for wiring. Generally, the poles of high pole lights in scenic spots are relatively low.

2. Requirements for the material of the light pole
For example, on the roadside, we generally use steel structures, which have great requirements for the firmness of the light poles. But generally, only a simple light pole is needed in the scenic area, after all, there will be no crashes

Through the above introduction, Solar Path Light Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.