Animal Crossing: New Horizons creates a new environment in the form of a tropical island for
Animal Crossing Bells players. Their task is to make the island attractive to tourists and new neighbors without adding any new villagers. After every improvement with regular guests and additional villagers as players, it brings new faces to the town. The completely empty island is unimaginable.

The main goal of the player in the early days is island expansion. Players can build more houses and new facilities according to Tom Nook's guidance. They can also Buy Animal Crossing Bells invite celebrities such as K.K. Slider to visit the town. Having fewer or no island villagers is really inconsistent with the early goals.

After the player puts down the open space to build a house, it can accommodate up to 10 villagers. In the game tutorial, others will move in after the camp is established. Some players are more interested in increasing the number of villagers, but some will have the possibility of creating a more isolated island.

Only after adding villagers to the island can "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" be fully played. In addition to the two villagers at the beginning of the game, Tom Nook needs to place more plots to build an island with a 5-star rating. Among them, the additives are optional, but the initial villager is not. As a result, players will miss most of the other content of the game by not allowing more villagers to stay in. The player will have a fully loaded town, but at first there are only about 5 other villagers, and then automatically move the plots randomly instead of placing them directly, which is different from most previous animal crossing games.

This is in line with the hopes of players who want to customize the island extensively. Because if there are other buildings everywhere on the island, it will be very time-consuming and difficult. If you want to unlock the terrain modification in the new horizon, unless other villagers move in, so having an almost empty island can free up more space. If only the two initial villagers are retained and no more villagers can be moved in, the player will not be able to access the customization options of the game. This is obviously not the intention of the developers, although the number of villagers on the island may be less than the maximum number, but the gameplay will become more difficult.
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