A magical baby toy Quiet Book with cute animals for the very youngest. Fine motor skills and dexterity are trained while the frog is being fed until it rumbles in its belly, the little fish hides in the whale's mouth and the lion opens and closes its eyes sleepily. Many loving details invite your child to explore them in the game. Clear colors and shapes create space for imagination and make you want to tell stories from the animal kingdom. Our Mini Quiet Book activity book comes in a practical fabric bag - perfect for storage, for at home and when traveling.
Like all books by Jolly Designs, this baby toy offers a playful journey of discovery for little hands.

Funding priorities Calm Book Dozing Lion:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Tweezer handle
  • skill
  • Hand and wrist motor skills
  • different closures
  • Assign shapes
  • Language development
  • creative language training
  • Vocabulary expansion