Like any MMO, leveling up fast is pretty much the entire point of the game. And the endgame in New World is where the game really opens up, including Expeditions, massive PVP battles, and great loot. While New World sometimes promotes a slower pace of gameplay, most players will want to race toward level 60 to begin the endgame content and PVP. Today we are going to go through some tips to help you level up nice and quickly.


Doing QuestsDoing your Main Quests and completing Side Quests will always reward your character with a lot of EXP. But because of all the running around you have to do, multitasking is essential to make things efficient. It’s a good idea to complete town quests with plenty of side quests and streamlining the main questline.

Defeat Monsters

While this is an obvious one, as you go from objective to objective around the area, you will definitely encounter monsters along the way. Even if they are not a part of your objectives, you can still deal with them really quickly. This method adds a little more experience points to all the walking you are doing whilst questing.


Crafting items or equipment rewards you with a decent amount of EXP. This method of getting EXP is slow with the number of materials you need to find but should help you craft powerful equipment with a higher gear score in the long run.

Partake in Expeditions

Partake in Expeditions is another way of leveling your character fast is to do Expeditions with other people. Not only will you get rewarded with EXP but also rare and powerful items that will help you progress quickly throughout the game.


Once you reach level 10 and join a faction, you’ll be able to take part in PVP. This is worth it from an XP point of view, as PVP gives you a nice bunch of XP each time you win a PVP battle. Factions have PVP quests, so keep your eyes peeled for those from the Faction Quest Giver in your Settlement.

The highest possible level you can achieve in New World is currently Level 60. After reaching max level, the only way to get stronger is to get the best gear available in the game by expediting or crafting the equipment yourself.

That’s it for this guide on how to level up fast. We don’t have long to wait until the full game is released on 28th September 2021. For more New World content like this, check out our page. In addition, this is one of the best places that buy NW Coins. Not only cheap but 100% safe. With these coins, you’ll forge a new destiny for yourself on the supernatural island of Aeternum!