Development of Online Jobs Publication System
John D. Sagapsapan1, Lemuel R. Campiseño2
1-2 Information Technology Education, Jose Rizal Memorial State University - Main Campus, Philippines
Abstract: This study aimed to develop an online jobs publication system that caters both employers and job seekers to post jobs
related information and qualification respectively through the internet. Employers may post job vacancies online in their
respective industries so that job seekers may be able to view and apply certain position electronically. Job seekers may also attach
their educational qualification and job experiences. It also aimed to assess the software’s quality assurance in terms of job
seeker’s security, usability, functionality, and reliability. It utilized the project method through the software development life
cycle model. The main assessment tool was the evaluation sheet prepared by the researchers. There were 30 respondents
included during testing and evaluation. The study revealed that the online jobs publication system is the best tool for
communication between employers/recruitment agencies and job seekers through communication and information technology.
Electronic mails, private message, video communication, forums and blogs are used to communicate between them. The system
caters not only for the benefit of employers but it is also beneficial to the job seekers in searching for a right job and right
employer conveniently according to their needs. The implementing establishment of the software may earn financial benefits if
the website is visitedmultiple times by the viewing public, so then, businessowners are attracted to use the website for the
advertisement of the their products. It also revealed that the software has a high level of security for the protection of job seekers
to avoid scammers since the system validates and filters all registered employers/recruitment agencies based on the POEA,
DOLE and SEC registered agencies database. The software quality assurance in terms of functionality and reliability were also
very high considering that the software performed fast and accurate delivery of results.
Keywords: Online Jobs, Jobs Publication, Job Hiring, Online Jobs Publication, Online Jobs Hiring