About International Organization for Standardization (ISO):

The head Quarters of the International Organization for standardization is in Geneva, Switzerland, and founded in the year 1947. It also requires producing effective devices that would assist in giving knowledge and information to all interested parties and stakeholders. As discussed earlier ISO only publishes the international standards, and it has developed more than 22000 practices by following the various scope of the company which incorporates almost all the manufacturing sectors in this competitive business market.

ISO Certification in Turkey is an independent, non-governmental and nonprofitable industry. ISO certification services in Istanbul serve as a universal channel of the national standard bodies consisting of one member per nation. ISO recording in Ankara recognizes all the safety concerns of products and services and it makes the products cooperative so that they would operate well and fit with each other. ISO audit services in Turkey also share the best answer and approach technically and implements an industry with the most suitable methods. The main purpose of ISO registration services in Ankara is to give a stage for the industry to showcase their form of business and quality of method so that the liability can be created with the clients or any other interested parties.


Types of ISO standards

There are several different standards published by ISO concerning all the sectors of the businesses and let us perform in brief about the practices:

There are few global measures that can be implemented for all the businesses irrespective of their field of job, and they are quality management system, environmental management system, and occupational health and safety management practice. And ISO certification cost in Turkey is very minimal with its competitive world.


ISO 9001 – It is one of the Universal standards developed by ISO, which defines the terms of the quality management system. These measures are utilized by the industry to describe its capacity to consistently give the services and products that satisfy the regulatory and customer requirements. ISO 9001 the quality management system is fundamental to an industry where it intends to give a functional and effective quality system that helps in monitoring and increasing all the fields in the industry, and it also helps to center on necessary fields of your business which would, in turn, serves to increase the performance.


ISO 9001 is estimated to be the most common and basic standard for all industries, which helps to satisfy all the elements. It can be combined with the other management system as well so that the outcome would be more when the implementation is done to their respective companies.


ISO 14001 – ISO 14001 standard is also one of the general International standards which define the terms for an environmental management system and concentrates more on the structure rather than building requirements of the eco-friendly production. It is necessary for the company as it fixes out the standard terms for the environmental management system and serves the business to improve their performances associated with the environment by utilizing more effective use of resources and managing them on the minimization of waste and by increasing competing benefits of the clients and other stakeholders trust.


ISO consultants in Istanbul serve as a tool for industry to build awareness of interactions for all the actions and goods that are with the environment and benefits to deliver a continual improvement at the aspired level of performances linked to the environment.


ISO 45001 – It is the International standard that defines the terms of occupational health and safety management system and serves as a guideline to support the industry to grow the performance linked to occupational health and safety by decreasing accidents, breakdown by stopping the injuries. ISO consultancy services in Turkey are profitable. These three standards are generic and can be implemented in all the businesses starting from Manufacturing Food, Labs, IT Industries, Trading, NGO, Oil & Gas, Construction, and Pharmaceutical sector to Agriculture Sectors.

Now moving on to Industry precise standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 22000, ISO 17025, and ISO 13485 so on. Let us understand these standards in brief:


ISO 27001 – It is an industry-specific standard, and it can implement by the company which consists of an IP office and ISO in Turkey defines the terms for information security management system. The information security management system implements a structure that consists of methods and procedures that cover all physical, legal, and technical documents, which are included in the information risk management method of the company. The business which requires to guarantee their information can opt for ISO 27001, which analyzes warnings, results, and vulnerabilities into account.


The main objective of the information security management system is to stop the loss of confidentiality, loss of availability, and the failure of integrity for the services and data. ISO consultancy in Turkey serves to trackbacks all the protection controls and methods to stop the losses in more than one area.


ISO 22000 – ISO 22000 is one of the standards which is known internationally and defines the terms of the food safety management system. It can fit the companies in the food cable, farm to fork and ISO consulting services in Turkey is an industry-specific measure that mainly centers on food-related problems. It works as a benchmark for your clients that all the food safety management is in place.


ISO audit in Turkey provides your company to know the quality assurance and what are safety food norms must be implemented in your business to be efficient, by selecting ISO certification consultants in Turkey. You can get known by your clients, and other interested parties that you are is following one of the best methods.


Service from Finecert

Having explained several kinds of ISO Standards and their benefits one query that comes to mind is how does one can certify with this standard.

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