Meet a young entrepreneur who’s making tidal waves in the business and finance world for all the right reasons! It wasn’t always this great says Martin {now 30 years old} explaining that he managed to escape the gauntlet of a 10-year drug addiction that started when he was just a child.

Martin Lowery is a successful 2X best-selling digital author, brand engineer, credit repair expert, agency owner, consulting coach and a professional musician — from Muscle Shoals, Alabama — and has taken multiple companies from start-up to 7-figure territory.

Martin is the owner of Alterdriven LLC, the fastest growing, faith-based network of businesses in the United States — all owned and operated by Martin and his team! The are planning to soon extend membership to other new aspiring, faithful entrepreneurs and businesses to the Alterdriven network!

We sat down with Martin Lowery for a interview:

How did you get started in the professional world:

“I got started very early on in life as an entrepreneur — I would say at about age 14. I once took a flight to Hawaii when I 15 without telling anyone, not even my parents. On the way there, my neighbor on the plane showed me how to do Photoshop. He threw up on himself {drunk} and handed me his laptop to explore further. When I got back I got the Adobe suite and the rest is history. I’ve always loved sales. I’ve sold in virtually every market you can imagine {laughs Martin}. People love to buy things, but hate being sold. If you can connect with someone on a personal level and truly listen to their wants and needs, you can offer them a solution; a clear path to success. If you’re intention is truly to fulfil the purpose God has given you to help others, the money will follow!”

Martin creates beautiful strategies and graphics for his clients in what he calls “brand-engineered packages” where his clients retain him from start-up to finish! He creates a strategy for every aspect of the business including: logo design, web design, marketing, social media presence, proof, and customer impact. He also manages social media ad accounts for them as well. Scaling ROI via ads is nothing new, says Martin.

“The world may be changing, but the core methods and techniques that follow never do — read any book on marketing or sales from the 70s or 80s — before we even knew what a sales funnel was or Russell Brunson was even born — and you’ll see that they were describing the original funnels and ads — just in a different way, without technology.”

It seems that his specialty is service industry clients such as roofers, doctors, dentists, plumbers, electricians, builders, restaurants, etc —– mostly local-based service companies — as well as international brands and e-commerce!

Martin is such an inspiration to us all and seems like such a great specimen, all the way around — a gentle, loving spirit with a strong desire to do what’s right and win!

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