If you enjoy playing tower defense games on your smartphone or tablet, I'd like to inform you that you can now do so in Path of Exile, which is a game that is very similar to tower defense games. Is this a genuine situation? It's true, this is at the heart of the new Blight League in PoE 3.8.

A blight can be found in each area of Wraeclast, and the encounter will play out like a mini-tower defense game. When you attack one of the blights, infected monsters will be summoned to defend it, and the battle will begin. Fortunately, the mind-controlled monsters aren't the most intelligent creatures. Rather than attacking anything in their path, they will blindly follow the tendrils of the growth and attack anything that gets in their way. In order to defend the "lanes," you'll need to use a little more firepower to take out these tenacious adversaries.

Towers can be placed in a variety of ways – some slow monsters down, while others buff other towers. Alternatively, you can place them in various locations to maximize their effectiveness against the onrushing horde of zombified enemies. The ability to recognize which types of enemies are approaching buy poe orbs from which directions, and to construct defensive towers in response, will be critical in fending off the waves of enemies.

When the Blight begins, you'll come across a new NPC named Sister Cassia. According to the story, fungal growths have spread throughout Wraeclast, taking control of the minds of monsters in the vicinity. In order for Sister Cassia to successfully drain the ichor from the growths, she will need you to protect the device from being attacked by infected horrors while it is in operation.

Of course, destroying the blight that has infected the land will result in new loot to be discovered. You'll receive rewards for defending each lane of enemies, and you'll also gain access to a new type of item known as oils. These oils can be combined in a variety of ways, and when combined, they can impart new properties to various items. Sister Cassia's ability to combine oils in order to anoint rings or amulets is particularly potent. Combining two oils and anointing a ring will grant the ring a tower defense-specific property, allowing you to fine-tune your tower defense strategy. You might have a ring that grants your towers more fire damage or the ability to shoot for longer periods of time, incentivizing you to construct towers that work in conjunction with your rings.

Amulet Improvements
If you anoint an amulet, you will gain a notable passive skill from the skill tree without spending a skill point. The skills granted by different combinations of oils will vary, so it will be worthwhile to experiment to determine which passive skills can be earned and which passive skills will work best with your build of choice. Additionally, there will be four Blight-specific items that can be anointed. Together with anointed amulet, this results in a total of five passive skill points that can be attached to equipment, so players should keep an eye out for them. Also included in Blight are ten new, distinct, and build-defining items, such as the Triad Grip gloves, which converts damage dealt by minions into different types of elemental damage depending on which color gems are socketed into the item. Hundreds of existing one-of-a-kind items are being rebalanced, with six of them receiving significant overhauls.

Enhancements for the ring
Sister Cassia can anoint a ring with a combination of two oils, resulting in an enchantment that changes the functionality of your towers poe orbs. Because you can have two rings equipped at any given time, you can specialize your tower defense in two different ways and stack buffs as you see fit.

Necromancer is a type of magician who uses the power of death to accomplish his goals.
One of the most significant changes to this build is the addition of three support gems, which allow you to direct the behavior of your minions. A gem's effect on a person's temperament can cause them to act aggressively, defensively, or to target a specific target. You'll also come across a new type of golem, known as the Carrion Golem, which buffs other minions while also being buffed by them.

Poison Assassins are a type of assassin.
Grinding Gear, a name that will be familiar to long-time Path of Exile players, is looking to bring the poison assassin back into the metagame with a few tweaks. In addition to the five new skills, a shiny new support gem has been added, giving the poison assassin archetype more options. One of the new abilities is the Cobra Lash, which launches a copy of your weapon that can be used to hit multiple enemies at once while also poisoning them.

Elusive is a new buff that can be obtained from the ascendancy tree. The buff provides defense and mobility for a limited period of time, and after it expires, the buff gradually diminishes rather than disappearing completely.

Mine Saboteur is a fictitious character created by the author.
A buff to the mines of the saboteur, a shadow class, has been set as an ascendancy option for the class. The explosives can now be thrown farther away, are quicker to deploy, detonate in a more orderly fashion, and will reward you if you manage to detonate a long sequence of them.

Some of the changes to the game's endgame systems may be the most exciting for Path of Exile players who are diehards. Players will no longer feel obligated to complete missions assigned by the five Masters as soon as they poe exalted orb come into contact with them. Instead, players will be able to speak with the Masters at a later time and activate the missions as needed. The number of available missions for each player will be increased by two Master missions each day, ensuring that there are always some available.

Regarding the Old League's Content
Leagues of yore have been updated as part of the Blight expansion. For the Betrayal and Delve challenge leagues, to be precise. The modifications to these are as follows:

Leagues such as Incursion and Delve have had encounters added to their content pools as a result of the Legion expansion. Legion has also been added to the pool of content that spawns randomly in endgame maps, as well as the Scarab system, and some Legion rewards have been included in the Betrayal content.
Synthesis: Due to a difference of opinion, this league was not immediately included in the core game. Despite the fact that the memory-chaining mechanic was deemed difficult, the boss fights continue to be popular. That means that the maps for those boss fights will be available as unique ones when you choose from the random map selection provided by the Zana NPC.

You will now receive a reward room for each member of the Immortal Syndicate after you have defeated the final mastermind. Previously, it was only those who belonged to that branch. Your syndicate state will be shared across all of your characters in the current league, allowing you to continue your progress even if you create a new character.

Dig: This league has been rebalanced in order to allow players to travel deeper into the mines with greater ease. In addition, there are 69 fewer depths before you reach the equivalent of endgame maps in the game.
In addition, Blight is introducing some new leagues to the mix. You'll also be able to play Path of Exile Blight versions of Legion and Synthesis once the game's release date is announced.