As Amazon’s entry into MMO-type games, New World is not perfect, but there are many things to like. It’s only a few weeks away from its release.

On July 20, New World began the closed beta phase, and players who pre-ordered the Amazon MMO type had the first opportunity to enter the action. This test lasted for nearly two weeks, the game has a peak of more than 200,000 users and a large number of players. Some unexpected New World Coins problems also appeared with the participation of a large number of players. However, we have a lot of time to slowly understand in the world of Aeternum. However, the beta test is about to end. Because the game will be ready for release on August 31, if you want to know about the new world game, you want to know the state of the game. Below, I will tell you some related content of the closed beta phase of Amazon New World.

As an MMO type game, New World adds many interesting and likable places. It provides a relaxed and useful tutorial mission line, allowing players to relax before continuing the mission. From the moment you Buy New World Coins enter the game, you will be able to see some of the very good experiences the game provides.

The shift from career systems to weapon-based development is one of the key features that distinguishes New World from its contemporaries. Specific weapons can be upgraded, and new abilities can be acquired during the upgrade process, and players can switch to new things acquired at any time.

In this way, players do not need to completely upgrade new characters, they can change their game style and try various new things. Players in battle will also benefit from this, and can switch between two equipped loads. Before level 20, players can reset the stat points of the equipment and choose a different path, which only costs a small amount, but it is still very important to praise the weapon you choose with the correct stats.

In New World, getting more New World Coins is one of the main goals of every player, but this process often takes a long time. As a professional seller, NewWorldCoins will make it easier for players to experience the fun of the game...