Hello everyone! Tech Crush Nepal back again with  a new tricks. Here I will explain about Safe Mode and How can you bypass App locker security using it. Lets Start Then-->

Safe mode can help you to track down the causes of problems you may be having with your smartphone. When you boot your phone into Safe mode, it doesn’t run any third-party apps installed on your device. If your smartphone has been overheating, suffering battery drain, or otherwise not performing properly — yet it doesn’t exhibit these issues while in Safe mode — then you know that an app you’ve installed is the culprit. And while the process for booting your phone in Safe mode varies between different Android devices, getting out of Safe mode is always the same. Here’s how to do it.

To get out of safe mode you can simply restart it. 
And, to get your mobile in safe mode it differs accourding to the model and company of phone you are using. It is better to view their respective websites or user fourms. However, Here is the method to get in safe mode for some well-known mobile brands:

For Stock Android Devices:

  • Press and hold the Power button.
  • Tap and hold Power off.
  • When the Reboot to safe mode prompt appears, tap OK.

For Samsung Galaxy, HTC and Motorolla

  • Press and hold the Power button and select Power off to turn your device off.
  • Press and hold the Power button, until you see the animated Samsung logo appear.
  • Release the Power button, and press and hold the Volume down button.
  • Keep holding it until your device boots up.
  • You can let go when you see the words “Safe mode” in bottom-left corner.

For Huawei Device with EMUI 3.1 and Above

  • Power off your phone.
  • Power on your phone.
  • Short press the volume down continuously until the lock screen.
  • You should see the word Safe mode in lower left corner of the screen.
(You may also try long press once until the lock screen does not appears if above process didn't work.)

For Xiaomi MIUI Devices

  • Power off your phone.
  • Press and hold to On.
  • When "Xiaomi "logo is displayed, release the key On.
  • Immediately after releasing the Power key, hold the key Volume down .
  • Keep holding down the Volume Down key until the phone finishes rebooting.
  • Release the key Volume down when you see Safe Mode appear in the lower left corner of the screen.

Bypassing App locker Security

When you start your device in safe mode then all third party application will be disabled. i.e The application that comes default from manufacture company will only run. All other apps downloaded from Play store or Other places will not work.
As App locker is not default  application in most of device, starting phone in safe mode will disable it and you can access the locked thing without entering security key or lock.
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