As an advanced crafting material in the new world, gold can be found in all regions. Below, I will introduce you to three areas where you can find this rare and valuable resource.

In the new world, gold is a high-grade metal used to make various amulets and rings at level 3 equipment stations. Because it is very valuable and rare, it is difficult to find in all regions. Players can mine gold ore only if they reach level 45.

Like the iron and silver  Amazon New World Coins mines of the New World, gold is mainly located in rocky mountains, caves and dungeons. When the player reaches the appropriate mining level, they can grow gold in specific locations in various regions. The best places to grow gold are in Cutlass Keys, Reekwater and Great Cleave. It should be noted that players should prepare for battle in advance or prepare to escape as needed, because some of these locations are haunted by high-level enemies. The more gold that can be mined in the area, the more dangerous the nearby monsters or beasts, so be careful to deal with these dangerous New World Coins enemies.

In the above three areas, there are several good golden veins circulation. But after the new world is fully released in September, these locations may change accordingly, so everyone should pay attention to the latest information about the game. In the northeast of Cutlass Keys, there are many veins that can be used to grow gold in the rugged ridge terrain. There are several kinds of monsters wandering in it, but their danger level is not high, even for low-level players, and it does not pose too much threat to players. But be careful, before mining the gold, you have to get out the zombies of the Lost Zombies, otherwise the mining process will become very annoying. At the top of the northern border of Reekwater, there is also a large group of gold veins. The gold that can be collected in this area has even spread beyond the border and into the southern border of Weaver's Fen. Players can search the surrounding area carefully to get the most gold, but beware of the nearby Mirepaw, who has reached level 62 in danger.

In a location near the Frost Nest, just to the east of the center of the Great Rift Valley, it is one of the best locations for growing gold. However, if the player is not strong enough, it is best to build a campsite nearby as a respawn point to deal with the nearby Deepit Abomination, which is the guard of this area.

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