Climate change and global warming is real and affecting the world every day. This very moment, as you are reading this article, polar ice caps are melting and Turkey is literally burning. As of 2021, the world has seen a 1.2 degree rise in temperature since pre-industrialization times. It is the need of the hour to switch to sustainable products to ensure that our next generation has a suitable place to live in. Fortunately, you do not have to break the bank to afford these changes. Amouve has sustainable bedding options with a multitude of colors in different price ranges.



  • Season’s picks


The products which have received the most attention this summer are our printed organic cotton bed sheets, organic kapok pillows and nimbus pillows, and dohar blankets. The king size bed sheets are one of the most affordable luxury bedding options in India. The flowery and innovative prints would be an excellent addition for your spring renovation. Our anti-bacterial and eco-friendly organic pillow has been stealing all the attention. Organic kapok pillows are also a fan-favorite due to their light and breathable material.


  • Back pain: the single, unifying element between Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z


Whether it be old age, or sitting in front of a screen all day in ungodly positions, nearly everyone is suffering from back problems these days. Investing in a good mattress is a must to combat back problems. Most modern mattresses use memory foam to induce the pillowy sinking feeling you get when you jump into one. However, memory foam does not let you maintain your spine alignment, leading to spine and pelvic pains. Mattress organic is made with natural fibre, making it the most healthy and sustainable choice. Kapok mattresses are made of stacked cotton layers, for your spine to remain aligned with the bed as you sleep. The natural fibres are produced organically, using much less water than ordinary cotton mattresses. They are also better than memory foam mattresses.


  • Budget Mode


We understand your budget concerns. You can put away your worries. If it's your first time dipping your toes in sustainable bedding, we recommend investing in an organic cotton bed sheet and bath towels. It is recommended that you wash your bed sheets every two to three weeks. Hence, they are more likely to be replaced often. Generally, we use our towels most frequently to wipe our hands, sweat, frime, dirt, and so on. Since the pandemic, our hand washing fervour has increased, and rightly so. Hence, if you are a beginner, start with the basics first. Amouve has three variants of towels- bath, face, and hand towels, that feel the softest to touch in both warm and cool shades. The organic bed sheets are available in both monochrome and prints.


  • Pull your sheets tighter but erm leave one leg outside? Not anymore.


We understand the struggle between sandwiching inside a blanket, but leaving a leg outside, due to excess heat trapped between them. Our show-stealer dohar blankets would solve this predicament. An organic cotton wadding is sandwiched between two, fine, muslin pieces to make the most luxurious bedspread ever. You could use it as a duvet, or as a light blanket. You could also browse our light waffle organic cotton blankets collection, suitable for Indian climates.


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The usage of organic cotton benefits our body and the planet in equal measure. You get breathable and luxurious quality fitted bedsheets, supportive pillows, and the softest bath towels.  Both organic cotton bedsheets and towels are great as additions. On the other hand, organic cotton absorbs much less water than ordinary cotton during production. It goes a long way in conserving fresh water for us. Amouve sources cotton in the purest way imaginable and also provides livelihood to the local communities, who have sustained this craft over decades.


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