There are Millions of people you make money online . They make tons of ton money then why we can't make ??


So Hello Friends,

Welcome to our website, In this post will be telling you some of the easy methods of making money online. making Money can be a great Idea to earn but first, we should understand, we should have at least some knowledge about the thing we are going to do to make the money online. 





Today I will be discussing 4 ways that can help the students to earn money online,


1. Freelance Writer 

We all have some abilities ,some capacities to do something ,some may have the capacity of writing on different topics like - writing essays, poems, stories or  on any topics . So You can utilize this Capacity There are many people on the earth who want people help them in their stuffs and pay money for helping them you can also get some account of money by helping those people on freelancing websites. 

            This is also a good option for earning money online . As there is always demand for content on the internet we can do work from home . In other words we can write articles for other websites .you can earn between $6 to $400 per articles. You won't need to have your own websites to do these things we just need to search on google for that and that's it.


2 . Coaching Online 

If you have knowledge on a particular thing then you can do online coaching . You will be making money depending on what category you are doing coaching, You can make around $20 to $200 per hour on average. 


3. Writing a Book

Every Body don't have Writing Skills . So This is only For those people that are interested in writing. If you have Writing skill You can write your on Story Book and write about something that you know in simple words and that will be helping other people too . You can sell the book that you had written ,sell the book in the form of E-BOOKS.

4. Affiliate Marketing 




Affiliate Marketing is also the best and easy method of earning money. We just need to Go to some website that does affiliate marketing and start. Or you can use amazon, google and other websites affiliate services you can share those links to your friends, families, and on different social media platforms and that's it . As someone clicks or Buys something with your link you will be credited. You don't need any high Traffic Websites for this . It can be done even without websites.  



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