Interesting Ways To Personalize Your Diamond Jewelry

For most people, an expensive and extravagant gift is not what matters most, but rather, it is the sentiment involved in the gift received. Although it will rarely, if ever, be frowned upon, a lavish piece of jewelry might not correlate with the recipient's individual taste. However, a simple card can be all emotion, but unfortunately there is zero practical purpose. A somewhat balanced gift could be a personalized handbag, a certificate for a massage, and if you really want to make a splash, jewelry with a personalized touch!To get more news about personalized projection necklace, you can visit official website.

The definition of personalized jewelry can vary from person to person, and from vendor to vendor. Some individuals would suffice with a jewelry piece boasting their birthstones, others would prefer jewels with their names engraved or with a personal message, while some would go as far as adding their DNA to the jewel. That's right, I said adding ones DNA strands to a piece of jewelry! Ewwwww! Either way, let's take a look at some personalized jewelry options and show you how it can be done.

The idea of including DNA in a piece of jewelry came to Robert Grass when he was trying to come up with an original and personal gift for his wife, celebrating the birth of their first baby. Since nothing seemed to meet Grass's standards, he decided to include his DNA in his wife's ring. This gesture was not only a bold and unique way to personalize a ring, but was also a way to be close to his wife at all times. The brainstorm of an idea turned into a line of jewelry that is made to include one's DNA, hidden discreetly behind a diamond. This method of personalization is most definitely one-of-a-kind and gives a whole new meaning to the motto "a diamond is forever."

The gesture, as crazy as it might be, is surprisingly not as daring as other 'personalized' diamond jewelry can get. Carbon from the deceased has been used to artificially create diamonds in the past. It may sound insane, but there is an entire science behind it and it has been conducted before, as we saw not too long ago in Germany. The ashes from corpses can and have been used to create the shiny, beautiful stones we all know and love.

Although reusing your loved ones remains, or embedding your DNA in a shimmering piece of diamond jewelry may seem romantic to some, it might come across as quite the opposite to others. Luckily, there are other ways to make jewelry more personal, without storing a physical part of you in the ring setting. Pendant necklaces, charm bracelets, rings, and even earrings can be made to include the initials of your special someone, or a short and meaningful message.

Whether it is a pendant in the shape of their initials, a charm bracelet consisting of someone's name, or love letters, which is a diamond pave set single letter; themed jewelry can provide all the glitz and glamour of high-end jewelry with a slight and subtle touch of individuality. Thus, it might be a perfect solution to letting your beloved know that you had her in mind whilst shopping for the gift.

Like most things, personalizing your jewelry can be very out there, like the DNA embedded jewelry, but it can also be extremely subtle. For example, a very tasteful way to personalize some diamond jewelry could be by adding an engraved message or word to the setting. This way the jewel is not visibly altered, nor is there a foreign object attached in any way. At the same time, a heart warming and sentimental message can be hidden underneath the diamond, behind the setting, or inside the band letting the wearer know that this piece is special, and was made just for her.