Animal Crossing has a variety of different gameplay favorites for players. Some people like to change and try new themes, and some people like to explore the entire island. There are also some people who like the villagers of New Horizons very much.

Due to the amazing terrain in New Horizons, the lovely villagers look more charming compared to previous games. However, there are many players who think they are dull and boring, and they have lost the spark in the new horizon, so most players choose to ignore their villagers. This is why most players think it is not worth spending too much time for ACNH.

The villagers played a more important role than New Horizons in the previous game. When the previous players talk to them, it will be very interesting because they have richer expressions. But compared with other  Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket games in the series, ACNH does not have much dialogue, and communicating with villagers seems to have become a burden. Because there is no dialogue scene, the players choose to ignore their villagers in order to avoid hearing the same words. In this regard, Nintendo should soon introduce a new dialogue in the game. The inability to get enough discounts from the villagers is also the reason why they become boring in the eyes of the players.

Before, players could ask the villagers for help or chat, as well as ask what they want players to do for them, so that players will feel that they have goals and things to do every day when they log in, and exploring the island becomes more interesting. However, now, in New Horizons, unless the villagers take the initiative to approach the player, the players cannot receive quests from the villagers. Moreover, the acquisition of tasks is completely random, so it may not be possible to receive the ideal task for many days.Animal Crossing Bells

In previous games, this was very easy. Because at least one villager will arrange tasks for the player so that they can establish a strong connection with the player in a new perspective. But the players seem to prefer to stay with the villagers to establish and improve the level of friendship between the two sides. When a villager leaves the island, players will be very happy to invite new villagers to the island. Do you miss the old villagers, or do you think the current villagers are also good?

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