The Interior designer in Gomti Nagar which helps you compete in this era is none other than the people of Unified Home Solutions Company. Gomti Nagar is one of the best places to live in Lucknow because the place is filled with great facilities and you can found most of the big companies out there. But to have a place that could compete its environment need someone aware of the surroundings and that company is Unified Home Solutions. The person who runs this company is the best interior designer in Gomti Nagar. We researched a lot to determine the best and we came to know that they have completed more than 100 projects in this region.

They are skilled experienced and creative people, if someone has 10 years of experience then he or she has to be good in their work and that goes with this company too.

You can hire a basic designer but if you are serious about your redesigning then you must think about contacting Unified Home Solutions. They will provide you the best services because they are present in this field to create beautiful décor for your home, their passion for this makes them the best Interior Designer in Gomti Nagar.

Interior Designer in Gomti Nagar (Lucknow) | How much will they charge you?

They are one of the few companies who provide you quality service at cheap prices. They will charge you genuine prices but for them, it’s impossible to tell you the prices without looking at your space or before listening to your requirements. We provided you their contact details below let them know your requirements and then you can have your prices which will be very less than most of your offers.

The company was started in 2017 by one of the best professionals out there, they gained success very fast because of their experience and that is why if you ask someone to tell you the best interior designer in Gomti Nagar then this company will be recommended by everyone. They care about your needs and provide you the cheapest prices possible. A cheap and quality service provider is someone's need for their place.

Unified Home Solutions Services includes -

  • Interior Design
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Real Estate
  • 3D Epoxy Flooring in Lucknow
  • Wardrobe Designing

Why they are chosen by many people in Gomti Nagar?

They are popular because of their work and you don’t need fancy advertisement boards and first-class hospitality to define your quality, your work will tell everyone everything and this happens with Unified Home Solutions too!!

They are called the best interior designer in Gomti Nagar because they are passionate about their work and create an epic place for you to live which could become one of the best houses in Gomti Nagar if you think about choosing their service.


If you care about your home then you will choose Unified Home Solutions because they will give you the best service you need, have all the facilities for your home renovation, are experienced for more than 10 years, are very creative at their work. All these things make them the best interior designer in Gomti Nagar. Have a look at their portfolio and read all the comments of their happy clients. You will see a positive environment in their work.

For more information contact to them directly or give them a call.

Office Address

Corp. Office: 3rd Floor, Vijay Tower, CP-1, 

Vikrant Khand, Gomti Nagar, 


Uttar Pradesh


Contact them at-

[email protected]

Phone Number-(+91) 07309010901/0522-4301907