Must-read: Argot in Cryptocurrency Trading!

Tricks played in Cryptocurrency trading are springing up like mushrooms. Traders are often deceived by slang that seems to be professional and convincing. As such, argot is introduced herein for your reference.To get more news about BITFRONT, you can visit official website.
  1. Google is our information security partner: We use Google authenticator actually.
  2. We have a deep partnership with Facebook to carry out global community operations: We boast a Facebook Fan Page.
  3. We use the worlds top security standards for asymmetric encryption: Our website starts with https.
  4. We embrace an international team: We are acquainted with foreigners.
  5. We use the BVI architecture: You cannot find the information on our actual controller.
  6. We are extending to the Southeast Asian market: The founder just visited Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).
  7. We have a professional team for market value management: We manipulate the PRICES of digital assets.
  8. We pay more attention to long-term value: Prices of digital currencies cannot rise in the short run.
  9. We focus more on ecological construction than technology: We lack technological competence.
  10. This is a project based on Ethereum network technology: We are so technologically incompetent that we directly use Ethereum to issue coins.
  11. Our project has held a roadshow in the FINANCIAL center of Singapore: The venue is rented in the financial district.
  12. Our project team has officially withdrawn and returned to community-based operation: We run away.
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