Just Getting Wow Gold From Profession in Cataclysm

As you will notice the current trend that’s happening during the first few days of the expansion or a new server is that, a lot of players race to be the highest level in the server. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, but it sure won’t make you that much of a money. Yah of course you’ll get some wow gold from some quests here and there, as well as from leveling, but it won’t be that much. If you really want to make a huge amount of wow gold, you’ll first need to put aside leveling for a moment and instead, focus on your professions.To get more news about buy wow gold safe, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

So when almost all of the players in the game are so much into capping their level, this means that most of the crafting field is left alone. So anyone who would focus and go into mining and herbing would automatically own the auction house. Well there some players before, during the first launch of the WOTLK who went first to the mines atSholazzarBasin. He took out all Saronite mines he can find and amass a huge amount of Titanium. So what he did was to go to the auction house and set the price for the Titanium. For several days, almost no one sells anything aside from him. The result? He’s the first one who capped the gold limit in less than a month… He then proceeds to level his toon with a breeze, whacking off any enemy using the most powerful gears and weapons that he can buy.

Aside from mining and herbing, there are also several other professions that you can make wow gold at. Examples of other profitable professions are blacksmithing and jewelcrafting. You can max out you skills on these professions and take control of the auction house prices. Archeology on the other hand as of now doesn’t seem to be a good choice for a profession because of the low prices of the items, but who knows what Blizzard will do about this profession.