From August 20th, Geshin Impact will hold a 10-day fighting tournament. You will launch this tournament with the help of Shosen, the owner of the Lightning Dragon, and participate by providing experience books of Primogems, Mora and Hero's Wit.

Because there is a new theme  Genshin Impact Accounts challenge to master every day, you can choose to deal with it in one of two modes. The two modes are Shoden with three levels of difficulty, and Okuden mode, which can only be carried out after passing Shoden's extreme difficulty. Challenge it requires higher requirements for challengers. Players need to defeat 150 enemies within three minutes without dying or for 25 seconds to make a kill to complete the extreme challenge.

In addition, if you carry Electrogranum, you can get a 100% increase in energy charging. When using Elemental Burst, you can defeat up to five enemies, but the premise is to release three Elemental Bursts within ten seconds to release lightning that can defeat the enemy. This is the current theme of the competition. Other themes are unclear at this time, but you should be able to find out when you publish it every day.

When your adventure level is over 30 and you have completed the Archon mission Litu Escape Plan and the World Mission Thousand Miles Letter, you can participate in this tournament.

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