The second phase of TBC Classic is coming soon. Although the game is still alive, the situation has become worse and worse. What is the reason why the number of people in this game is slowly decreasing? Let me explain to you why TBC Classic is not as popular as everyone thinks.

The release period of the game may be one of the main reasons. Although TBC Classic was also released in the summer, its sales are far inferior to WOW Classic. Since this summer, more and more people intend to spend time outside, such as meeting with friends or going out for a walk, because security restrictions have become looser. On the other hand, TBC Classic also suffered the impact of the release of Shadowlands 9.1. The reason why most players chose to abandon the retail World of Warcraft at the beginning is precisely because the release of World of Warcraft 9.1 version is too long, so they Buy WOW TBC Gold spend the time originally reserved for Shadowlands on the Classic server. And now, they can finally experience the long-awaited content, and TBC Classic has become the abandoned part.

In fact, the current game content is really boring. Except for the most loyal fans who are still farming PvP arenas and battlefields in the game, or conducting some raids, there is basically no new content for others to play. What TBC Classic needs to do is to make players excited and fall in love with it for the second time. However, this is difficult to do, so a large number of fans gave up the game. Simply put, time will change everything. But opportunities still exist, even in very unfavorable circumstances.

The problem with the current game is that the slope of the progress of these two games is too steep, which makes players who want to try both versions at the same time have to make a choice. Because it is impossible for them to make progress in both versions, it takes too much time.

But there is a service in TBC Classic that can completely alleviate your need to spend crazy time in the game to catch up with the latest content. Most players are reluctant to create new characters in order to avoid repeating those low-level things-go through the beginner zones, grind mobs and so on. There is no doubt that this part of the content is exactly the same whether it is on the Classic server or the original version of Burning Crusade. If players need to experience it again, then they will definitely get bored of the game.

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