FFXIV In Depth Gil Farming Guide

This will be a no nonsense guide on how to farm gil by crafting and selling items on the Market Board for profit in Final Fantasy XIV. It is possible to use this method with no knowledge of the crafting system because our provided Macros will do the crafting for you. Also, there’ll be no gathering involved because we’ll be buying the relatively cheap materials from the Market Board.To get more news about FFXIV Gil for sale, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Whether you plan to stockpile large amounts of gil (100mil+) or sit comfortably on a good amount of gil (~25mil), this guide will show you the optimal way to do so.

Keep in mind that this method is not a get rich quick method (unless it’s the first few weeks after a major patch!); this will simply be a way for you to generate gil in an easy, consistent way any time you need it. Many Crafters who are filthy rich just followed this method over a long period of time and were well prepared when a major update was upcoming.
If you’re part of the fflogs elite with connections to selling linkshells, discords and what not; you’ll earn the privilege to work for crafters and gil buyers. You’ll be killing bosses for them while they take the rare loot in exchange for gil.

Crafting (The Honest Gillionaire)
The most consistent way of making large amounts of gil in FFXIV. Sell the latest gear, food and potions; all with your name on it. It is not unusual for Crafters to make anywhere from 5-25 Million Gil weekly depending on how active they are. However, be warned, becoming a crafter means enlisting yourself into the undercutting war taking place on the Market Board.

Nearly every other method of making gil will require relatively more grind with little return when compared with crafting. That said, all methods of making gil are still dependent on timing to be most effective. In the first week after a major update, you can make 3-4 times more than you would at any other period. A well-prepared Crafter with additional Retainers can easily pull in well over 100 Million in the first few weeks after a major patch.
First, let us start by establishing that gathering is a waste of time in most cases, or at the very least an opportunity cost. Time spent gathering could be better spent crafting, undercutting, raiding or simply having fun playing other games. Understanding how to utilise your retainers and your time to the fullest is key to accumulating gil without burning yourself out.