The Chinese tech startup Davinci Dynamics officially launched his first model of electric motorcycle. It's called the DC100, and it offers users, the company says, a smoother, safer and more enjoyable driving experience.To get more news about davincidynamic, you can visit official website.

So far we are in the field of press releases. What's new? Everything and nothing, in my opinion. The Davinci DC100 is a futuristic café racer with a simple design, exceptional performance and extreme handling. In fact, it rivals a normal 1000 class. But the hints of "future bikes"Are all inside. DC100 is practically a two-wheeled dynamic robot.It seems to observe the dawn of the first mechanical means. As at the time, design sacrifices itself for function - all of these sensors, batteries and the bike's powertrain inevitably take up quite a bit. And in fact they end up “conditioning” the design a bit: they are housed under a bulky bodywork, which makes a virtue of necessity. Futurist aesthetics also serve as a "technological container".

In terms of "muscles", the DC100 has a maximum power of 100,75 kW (137 hp) and a maximum torque of 850 Nm. Charging the DC100 is widely accessible with great ease.

The bike is powered by a high energy density lithium ternary battery pack. The battery, compatible with high voltage platforms and capable of charging / discharging at high speed, can use level 3 quick charges, which provide a 0-100% charge in approximately 30 minutes. The company also works on a fast system that takes the battery from 0 to 85% in just 15 minutes.

Davinci has incorporated Driving Assistance technology into the new model for smooth starts and ease of operation at low speeds. When the rider selects the “D” in the “gearbox”, the bike automatically starts moving at just 7 km / h. With the integrated vehicle control system, DC100 offers instant acceleration at every turn and a simple and optimal balance of braking for greater safety and control.Unlike the complexity control of traditional motorcycles, the DC100 combines reverse assist and hill climb assist, which ensures that riders can reverse easily even on slopes and to optimize both balance and energy recovery.

In addition, the DC100 has traction control capable of correcting wheel speed by detecting the difference between the front and rear wheel and the variation of the rear wheel friction via sensors to ensure body stability. In simple terms? Extremely advanced features. The bike balances itself, can ride on its own and can be controlled remotely. Call David Hasselhoff.