The NBA 2K seriesIt is necessary to improve artificial intelligence in order to improve the situation Vivien Burns Posted 10 days ago The bucket is never delivered to the Every action in NBA 2K22 is planned and executed pass. The AI will only be in possession of the ball for a maximum of three seconds. Defense is able to increase its distance as a result of this. When the AI lets the ball go, it's a contestable three-pointer that usually falls on the rim and bounces out. The artificial intelligence must be improved in order to be improved, and the process will take a significant amount of time to develop until it is perfected. The emphasis of this development should be on improving the artificial intelligence to allow the computer-controlled players to behave more naturally on the court. The AI must not appear to be mechanical or complicated. Better, more servers - Online gaming is a key component of NBA 2K. Many people enjoy playing video games on the internet as a leisure activity. However, the online experience can be erratic at times due to spikes in lag and overcrowding of servers.2K Sports has been plagued by lag issues for many years, which is extremely frustrating for the players. gHvlPoy.jpg It's discouraging to see the frame rate drop and the player's movements not translate into the game.2K Sports has a simple solution: they simply lease servers with Buy 2K22 MT higher performance. The NBA 2K seriesWith more than two decades of games under our belts, it's interesting to reflect on the times when NBA 2K was at its peak. According to Metacritic ratings, these games were deemed to be the best NBA 2K games available. At this point, it was abundantly clear that the NBA 2K franchise was lightyears ahead of the NBA Live franchise. Even though the 2009 version of the EA Sports game was a solid effort, NBA 2K continued to build on its already impressive legacy. Kevin Garnett, the NBA champion, graced the cover of this issue. The fact that the experience was so realistic was the primary reason for the positive feedback. Not only was the gameplay up to par, but the halftime shows and commentary were also excellent, and the HD graphics were by far the best available at the time. One thing that was disappointing was that the game did not include a variety of different modes.