Animal Crossing data miners often carefully study and discover game files, as well as analysis data. They search hard, hoping to discover the next major update that will be released. This will let players know what Nintendo will do for the next update of the game.

Recently, data miners have  Buy Animal Crossing Items discovered some files that will eventually enter the game. They are potential files for Brewster, the Roost, and Gyroids. Players are very excited about the long-awaited return of Brewster to "Animal Crossing".

New and exciting potential updates for Animal Crossing are discovered in new data excavations. The future of the Animal Crossing Club will be very bright because of these rumors. It is understandable that Brewster, Habitat and Gyroids have been in the spotlight, but at the same time they have many sources. In addition, data mining also found some little-known additions.

The first thing that pointed out that the file was not found was the Crossing Channel of the popular YouTube channel. New Horizons is a bit lacking in home customization, and through the latest data mining of players, it was discovered that the ceiling project became the first potential addition project. The interior design of "Animal Crossing Club" will be greatly improved thanks to ceiling fans and chandeliers. The second new  Animal Crossing Bells addition that has been discovered is several new bushes. Animal crossing: The island plants in the new horizon include trees, fruit trees and shrubs, and their lives are subject to certain restrictions. The addition of new shrubs such as frangipani shrubs and sweet tea shrubs will help provide some much-needed changes to the island, as well as increase the island’s appeal. Data mining also includes potential updates of sewing DIY recipes. Adding sewing to the game will provide players with more real life aspects. At the same time, according to the addition of content, the game may also face more challenges related to sewing.

Another data miner also discovered the fence customization files that players have been asking for for a long time. Although the word "remake" is used, it is highly possible that it is customized. Most Animal Crossing players will probably be happy about this. But we don’t know if any or all of these new features will be the next major update of Animal Crossing. It can only be known by waiting.

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