1. To get points please do the genuine post, comments and likes
2. Your points can be converted to NPR
3. 100 points will be equal to NPR 1.0
4. Once you wallet balance reaches NPR 500, send offline message to me or Barsha madam, see video from here: https://youtu.be/x_nOgZMyvnE
5. If you post too many unnecessary comments, likes or posts your account will be banned and deleted
6. If you want to refer and earn NPR 10.00 or NPR 5.00 (price subject to change), invite your friends through affiliates link (Go to Profile --> Settings --> Affiliates), going here: https://www.e-sathi.com/settings/affiliates
7. Please protect your e-Sathi account with 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), going here: https://www.e-sathi.com/settings/secuirty/two-factor
8. e-Sathi users can watch movies for free from here: 
9. We are not facebooking but we are e-Sathi(ing), so whatever you post, comment and like is moderated, and we have zero-tolerance policy against fake accounts, spam or spammers (you may go to zuckerberg platform to do that it is not allowed here)
10. Please help us in supporting e-Sathi, we take your feedback and make changes based on your feedback and suggestions

(Limited time offer and valid for one user for one time only...terms and condition may apply)

Note: if you will make Rs 500 second time, your wallet will reset to Rs 0 for the period of 90 days. 

Further information can be found from our Nepal branch, Phone+977 56-562130

Thank you for your understanding! Happy e-Sathi(ing).